The Tide team and some mouth-watering baked goods

The team over at Tide recently held an amazing looking Bake Off at their offices for Beam's members. Millie from the team there kindly answered a few questions as to how and why they went about it!

1. How did you hear about Beam?

When we decided, as a company, to support a charity, we asked the team to make suggestions. Homelessness was an issue that several individuals wanted to target - so this was our starting point! As we began to research various charities that support homeless people, one of the Tide team instantly suggested Beam. We took one look at the amazing work they do, and went full steam ahead.

2. Why did you want to help?

Being based in London, we’re acutely aware of how the number of people becoming homeless has increased in recent years - particularly in and around the Clerkenwell area in which we are based. Just like Alex Stephany’s motivation to found Beam, we wanted a more sustainable way of supporting those who are homeless or facing homelessness. We felt that, just like Tide, Beam takes a new approach to an old problem, and uses innovative and smart technology to solve it.

3. What can you tell us about your experience?

Alex came in and spoke to the whole company about Beam, he was an inspirational and engaging speaker and it was really beneficial to see the person behind the work. It was also very cool to see how Beam works behind the scenes - how they prepare for unexpected expenditure, what kinds of people they support, etc. We genuinely believe in the platform, and love how we will be able to see exactly where the funds we raise will be spent. We’ve hosted two events so far- a bake sale and an international pot luck lunch; which was a great opportunity to celebrate the diverse culture we have here at Tide.

If you want to run your own fundraiser to help Beam's members get trained up and into work don't hesitate to get in touch.