Donating monthly is the most impactful way to support Beam members through training, into work, and out of homelessness. Today, we're making an important change to how these monthly donations get allocated.

Previously, monthly donations were split evenly between every member with a live campaign. As of today, the individual donations go to a new Beam live campaign each month. Beam still ensures the overall pool of donations get split evenly between everyone.

Here’s our thinking behind the change:

Increase Connection

By matching each supporter with a single person each month, we increase the sense of connection - a vital source of support for Beam members. Supporters can continue to offer direct encouragement in the form of messages and comments throughout that person’s journey with Beam.

More Scalable

Demand to join the Beam platform is growing month on month, and we expect the platform to grow significantly in the coming years. A £10 monthly donation split between 2 people makes sense - but split between 29 people (31p each after a 10% service fee if you're wondering!) far less so. It can make it confusing for members and supporters alike to split donations into such small increments.

Curated Content

One of the best parts of being a Beam supporter is following the progress of members you support. Up until now, we haven't sent you emails whenever a member published an update as we didn't want to bombard you! From now on, you’ll receive personalised emails with updates from each person you support.

Focused Impact

Your impact page will now contain a more meaningful overview of the members you personally support. You’ll be able to see - at a glance - the progress of each member you’ve supported with each monthly donation.

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