At Beam, we're constantly trying to learn from the inspiring people around us.

One way we do this is through Beam Team Talks. We ask people from the wider Beam Team to come by our office and share their ideas. Some of the amazing people we've had so far include Graham Hobson, co-founder of Photobox and Michelle Dewberry, former winner of The Apprentice.

Kelsey Traher

Kelsey Traher, COO of Marvel Apps

Our most recent Beam Team Talk was from the fantastic Kelsey Traher. After a stint in consulting, Kelsey was drawn to start-ups and moved to Berlin to work for After this she became COO of Network Locum, before joining Marvel, also as COO.

Kelsey shared her vision of startup life, team work and how to get the best out of people. She is a big advocate of diversity and inclusiveness in tech, something we also hold dear here at Beam.

Personal connections

Beam is all about the impact of homelessness on the lives of individual people. Kelsey told us about some of the homeless people she'd met while she was volunteering for a homeless charity here in London.

One of these people had been a journalist in Turkey but ended up on the streets when her circumstances changed and she was forced to move to the UK. Kelsey, who grew up in Turkey, was touched by the story and the connection she made. It motivated her to think about how we could all be more empathetic towards homeless people.

Watch the lovely Kelsey talking about Beam:

A special thanks to Benoit Grognan-Avignon for making this awesome video! Check out his website here.

What else goes on at Beam HQ?

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